Super Mario Bust

okay guys it´s time to post new stuff!
I have shown nothing since 2 weeks, the reason for this were the tests on the Games Academy.
so here we go: 
the first task was to create a bust of Super Mario . Details could be modified as long as the character stay recognizable. We were not allowed to use more than 6.000 Triangles vor the head and clothes and not more than 4.000 for the hair. rendering in UDK or Cryengine

first I take a half hour and concept my Idea of Mario.
I want him to look like a real realy badass plumber so the first concept fitted immediately and I was happy with the raw sketch

the next step was to translate the 2D concept into a 3D sculpt. the tools I used was 3dsMax vor the blockout and ZBrush fore the sculpting thing .

 After finishing the mario sculpt i take back the whole thing in 3dsMax , create a lopoly , backe normal,world normal, hight, AO and cavity maps and start tu texture Mario
 after Texturing Mario I import everythin in UDK create a SSS Skin Shader, reflection eye shader, clothes shader, bake light map and render it with a default UDK sky light.
and thats the result:


  1. Damn, I wish I knew how to use ZBrush and 3DsMax. It must have taken a lot of time to do this, but it looks incredible.

    1. Haha thanks^^ yeah Zbrush and 3DsMax are verry powerfull tools If you get the chance to learn how to use them then you really should do this! unfortunately it´s really hard to learn them on your own :(